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YooMee Box 4G/LTE WiFi Router Bundle

The fixed router operates on the Telkom LTE 2300 MHz frequency band so anywhere where Telkom has coverage you can use the modem.
TDD-LTE Transfer Speed Downlink : 100 Mbit/s, Uplink : 50 Mbit/s
WIFI AP (802 b/g/n) AP
Allows 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices to simultaneously connect to the internet
WiFi operates at 2.4 GHz

Router and Network Security Features:
Supports advanced IP networking features including NAT, VPN
pass-through, port filtering, port forwarding and DHCP to safely access the network


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Key Proposition:
Supports Telkom LTE mobile broadband network access in one device
Internet Sharing with built in 2 Port Fast Ethernet Switch.
Integrated Wi-Fi access point
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant WLAN
Advanced Firewall to protect the network


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