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Jeronimo Stunt Track Car

The monster trucks that flip, climb and zip-line with powerful four-wheel drive for maximum traction, letting your Stunt Track Car climb, hang, and face plant. Combine stunts with flexible, easy-to-use tracks and connectors to make your own obstacle courses—there’s no wrong way to build. Monster truck toy. They do not just drive, but they are able to overcome the most difficult obstacles – everything is real, everything is like in life!


Feature Do a face plant across the floor
Includes flexible track and stunts
Crawl your way across the cliffhanger
Travel up the monster ramp
Zip line anywhere, even up-side-down
Power through the tidal wave
Zip line over any obstacle even on two wheels


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Limited (11 months)

Packaged weight
603 g

Age Range
0 to 18 years

Number Of Players
1 to 4


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